most essential wordpress plugins

The Most Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

You just started a blog, but you have no idea what plugins you should be installing? With a large amount of plugins available on the market, choosing the best WordPress plugins for your website could be a bit of a challenge. To make your life as easy as possible, I created a list of the […]

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p3 performance profiler

Make your Blog Faster with P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

There are hundreds of thousands WordPress plugins available on the market for all your website needs, which is pretty amazing. Unfortunately, many plugins have dark or poor coding that uses a lot of resources and affect your site load time. That’s why you should only install plugins that you need, and uninstall those that coded poorly.   […]

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how to avoid a google penalty

How to Avoid a Google Penalty – Infographic

With Google keep changing their algorithm over and over again, you should pay a lot of attention on not breaking any of their rules. By not doing this, you’re risking a Google penalty. This can result in your website being deindexed from Google. That shouldn’t be something you want to happen, right? That’s why I […]

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start a wordpress blog

How to Start a WordPress Blog – Step by Step

So you want to learn how to start a blog in 3 simple steps? Yep, it’s that easy. To make this progress as easy as possible, I have written a tutorial on how to start a blog with Bluehost below. If you follow all the mentioned steps, you will have your blog up and running […]

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